In cooperation with Klarna, we offer various payment options, including credit card payment (VISA and Mastercard), invoice payment, installment payment, and direct bank payment. This payment solution is called Klarna Checkout.

When paying with Mastercard Debit, VISA/Dankort, Visa Debit, which are debit cards, the payment will be reserved on your account in accordance with the terms of your card until we process or decline the payment.

The amount will be charged when the items are shipped. If multiple items are ordered in one order, and one or more of the items cannot be delivered immediately, we will charge the payment for the specific item(s) when they are shipped.

By providing information at checkout, you accept Klarna's terms. By clicking "Complete Purchase," you accept our conditions.

Klarna Checkout needs to identify you in order to customize the payment methods presented to you. The information you need to provide for identification may vary between different purchase situations and customers. A credit check is never performed directly in Klarna Checkout but only if necessary depending on the specific payment method you have chosen. Any credit check conducted by Klarna does not impact your overall credit rating and cannot be seen by other entities that request credit information about you, such as banks.

Once you have been identified, Klarna Checkout will show you the available payment methods. Credit card payment is selected by default, but you can, of course, choose one of the other options, such as invoice payment or direct payment via your bank. The alternatives offered to you may change from time to time.

All communication and information regarding payment will come directly to you from Klarna.

You can find more information and complete terms and conditions about Klarna and their payment methods on Klarna's website. Please contact Klarna's customer service if you need information about your payment.