We offer Klarna Checkout as a payment method on Klarna, in turn, offers several different options for you as a customer to make your payment. Klarna provides some information to you as soon as you are identified. The specific information you need to provide for identification may vary between different orders and customers. Credit information is not always checked, only if necessary, depending on the payment option you have chosen. The credit check conducted by Klarna is a micro check, which means it will not be visible to banks or other creditors and will not negatively impact your credit rating. Once you are identified, Klarna will show you the available options.

You can pay with the following payment methods on

Card Payment: Card payments are encrypted and processed through our payment partner Klarna. If you use a credit card or debit card for payment, the seller may reserve the purchase amount on the card when you place your order. The card will be charged on the same day the item is shipped. We accept the following cards: VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

Klarna Invoice Payment: When paying by invoice, the invoice is issued to the buyer upon shipment of the goods. The payment deadline is stated on the invoice. When paying by invoice, the payment term is 14 days from the day the goods are shipped from us. To pay by invoice, our payment partner requires your social security number to conduct a credit check and that your order is sent to your registered address in the National Register. You can read Klarna's terms for invoice payment here.

There is no invoice fee if you choose to pay with Klarna Invoice. If payment is delayed, a reminder fee and late payment interest may apply according to Klarna's rules and standard fees. If payment still does not occur after this, the case will be sent for collection by a debt collection agency, and additional costs may be incurred.

Klarna Part Payment: You also have the option to choose Klarna Part Payment and Klarna Account. Just like when you buy with a regular invoice, you receive the goods before you pay. You can choose to divide your payment into 6, 12, or 24 months. Klarna Account splits your invoices so you only receive one invoice each month, consolidating all your Klarna invoices for the latest month. You can read Klarna's installment payment terms here, and you can read Klarna Account terms here.